Worldcoin Announces Ethereum-based Blockchain “World Chain”

  • Worldcoin has launched World Chain, a blockchain prioritizing verified individuals
  • World Chain is built on Ethereum and integrated into the Optimism Superchain ecosystem
  • Verified Worldcoin users will receive priority blockspace and gas allowances, aiming to reduce bot usage and congestion

Worldcoin has launched World Chain, a blockchain “designed for humans” that gives priority to verified individuals. The blockchain is built on Ethereum and will be part of the growing Optimism Superchain ecosystem, which includes Base, Mode Network, and Blast. World Chain’s premise is that verified Worldcoin users will get priority blockspace over bots as well as a gas allowance for casual transactions with the aim of reducing bot usage, something that it clogging up many Layer 1 protocols.

Worldcoin Declares War on Bots

The Worldcoin Foundation revealed World Chain yesterday, calling it a “a first-of-its-kind blockchain” which aims to “address the growing challenge of congested networks and high fees” on existing blockchains. This, it says, is in large part down to the growing menace of bots, transactions that are instigated by algorithms rather than human beings.

Blockchain analytics site Dune estimates that some 80% of blockchain transactions are carried out by bots, which, Worldcoin says, leads to “confusing or frustrating user experiences onchain.”

Verified Humans Come First

Worldcoin’s answer is a blockchain that prioritizes human usage through its contentious Proof of Personhood program, which involves eyeball scanning to verify identity. Verified humans, as Worldcoin called them, will be given priority over all others on its blockchain, with the Worldcoin Foundation adding that World Chain will be “permissionless, open source, and intended to ultimately be independently governed by the community.”

Introducing World Chain, a new blockchain designed for humans ⚪️

— Worldcoin (@worldcoin) April 17, 2024

The new blockchain will be in good company, with the Superchain ecosystem already boasting Coinbase’s Base blockchain and Blast, which launched recently. Worldchain is currently in testnet mode on Optimism, with no firm launch date yet revealed.

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