AIOZ Network, a revolutionary ‌distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) operating on its blockchain, ⁢has experienced a significant surge, reaching its yearly high at⁣ $0.1979. This surge is attributed ‌to the‍ publication of the AIOZ Vision Paper, a‍ comprehensive document outlining the platform’s ⁢future plans, including upcoming features and product launches.

Ahead of our upcoming website revamp and the release of​ W3S, we are excited⁣ to today publish the AIOZ Vision Paper.

This highlights our future plans⁤ in more detail and includes feature and product launch information.

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— AIOZ Network (@AIOZNetwork) November 29, 2023

AIOZ Network’s unique approach involves users sharing redundant memory, ‌storage, and bandwidth resources to establish a powerful CDN capable of supporting streaming platforms globally. The release of the Vision Paper precedes an imminent website revamp and the launch of W3S, heightening anticipation within the community.

The‍ remarkable price surge following the Vision Paper’s release reflects the trust and confidence the community places in AIOZ Network’s visionary objectives. Trading volume has ⁣surged⁢ by an impressive 560% in the past 24 hours, accompanied by a substantial 60% ⁤price gain.

The Vision Paper outlines AIOZ’s ambition to ⁤become a fundamental component of Web3 ‍infrastructure solutions. The mission is to construct a human-powered decentralized infrastructure leveraging the ⁤strengths of Web3 to provide secure solutions for storage, streaming, and AI computation on a global scale.

Key milestones outlined in the Vision Paper’s roadmap include:

  • Q4 2023:

– AIOZ‍ Website Refresh

  • Q1 2024:


– AIOZ⁣ DTransfer dApp

– AIOZ Multi-Chain Wallet Browser Extension

–‌ AIOZ Node V3 – AI Computing Integration


  • Q2 2024:

– AIOZ W3AI V1 ⁣– Decentralized AI as a Service

– AIOZ Drive dApp

– AIOZ Node V4 – Transcoding Integration

  • Q3⁤ 2024:

– AIOZ W3Stream

– AIOZ W3AI V2 – AI Marketplace v1 ‍for decentralized dataset monetization, Open-source & user-customized AI models storage.

– Deployment⁢ of AIOZRC-20, AIOZRC-1155, ⁤and AIOZ RC-721 token standards

– AIOZ Gravity Bridge

  • Q4 ⁣2024:


– AIOZ W3AI‍ V3 – AI Training with Decentralized Federated Learning, Spaces for ‍building‌ AI dApps.

The detailed and ambitious roadmap positions AIOZ Network as a prominent player in shaping the future of decentralized infrastructure, garnering attention ‍and enthusiasm⁢ from the crypto community.

Disclosure: This is not trading⁢ or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.