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Cointacted#1 Real Social Network Coin with rewards for activities on the platform & its own profit distribution to NFTs holders.

Which is the coin of Cointacted?

Cointacted (CTED) is a BEP20 token. It’s built on BSC.

What about these other projects mentioned here?

They are a part of the ecosystem. Register an account on any of the platforms & your account will be synced everywhere.

Not revealed yet#1 Real Contacts Coin with a communication app & its profit distribution to NFTs Holders. Synced everywhere.
Not revealed yetCoin with a marketplace that syncs all ecommerce platforms. Sync your store with your Shopify, Prestashop, Woo, Magento, eBay etc.
Not revealed yetNFT Marketplace of the entire infrastructure. All NFTs of each project of the ecosystem will be managed there, but not limited to it.

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Rewards for
WEB3 Social NetworkMembers earn CCENTS for social activities, content & achievements. CCENTS can be used when shopping or changed to CTED & withdrawn to a DEX wallet.

How to earn coins?

Members can earn coins for posting activities, content, actions & achievements on the platform. The better the content or achievement, the better the reward. More info can be found on about coins page.

How about ads & shop rewards?

Only NFTs holders get shop & advertising profit rewards.

Creative ShoppingNFTs holders receive rewards for Cointacted’s Shop profit. NFTs need to be staked to receive rewards.
Marketing & AdvertisingNFTs holders receive rewards for Cointacted’s Advertising profit. NFTs need to be staked to receive rewards.
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How to earn coins?

You can earn coins for activities & actions displayed next to the corresponding coins in this section. Click to show more details.

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