Leveraging my profound passion for technology and media, I’ve cultivated a robust digital expertise. This knowledge and fervor have driven me to embark on the creation of a novel digital infrastructure aimed at revolutionizing the global landscape.
Research & Development
Over a comprehensive duration spanning more than five years, I’ve devoted myself to the meticulous phases of research, development, exhaustive testing, and the iterative process of deconstructing and refining the framework.
Test Project
In 2021, I initiated a test project that garnered notable acclaim, hailed by many as a pioneering venture within its timeframe. It was widely recognized as one of the standout projects during that period, receiving commendation for its innovative approach and impact within the industry.
Preparing The Rocket
Anticipating an extensive timeline, I estimated an additional 12+ months for the comprehensive development process. In reality, the realization of the entire ecosystem stretched to nearly two years post the initial launch of the inaugural test project. This extended duration was essential for crafting a robust and expansive framework that met the envisioned standards and objectives.
Infrastructure Is Ready
The ecosystem works like it should;
Cointacted & Cointacts apps are published;
BEP20 token is deployed & audited;
Custom Blockchain Network works.
2023 Dec
CTED Coin Seed sale
The commencement of the CTED Coin PreSale Seed sale in December 2023 marks a significant milestone, offering investors an optimal Return on Investment (ROI) opportunity. This phase presents an unprecedented price point, representing the most favorable value in the history of Cointacted, ensuring a potentially advantageous investment entry point for participants.
2024 Jan
Private Sale
Engaging venture capitalists, investors, and strategic partners forms a pivotal part of our initiatives for the second stage of the PreSale – the Private Sale. This phase aims to establish critical connections and collaborations, inviting key stakeholders to participate in this strategic investment opportunity.
2024 Feb
EU Grant To Propel Cointacted’s Social Blockchain
Cointacted is on the brink of securing a substantial €100,000 grant from the European Union intended to fund the development and research efforts pivotal for constructing the inaugural authentic social blockchain. These anticipated funds are set to cover essential expenses associated with development and research, forming the cornerstone of a robust infrastructure. This potential support represents a significant stride toward realizing our vision to pioneer groundbreaking social blockchain technology.
2024 Mar
Public Launchpad, DEX & CEX
Third-tier PreSale – Public sale. Enabling substantial exposure, granting multiple individuals the opportunity to obtain restricted amounts of Cointacted coins on a public launchpad. Immediate listing on CEX via the launchpad and Pancakeswap to facilitate smooth coin trading.
2024 Apr
Staking & NFT Marketplace
Cointacted’s upcoming initiatives include the introduction of a coin staking program and the launch of – the ecosystem’s NFT marketplace which functions as the central hub for overseeing both the infrastructure and independent NFTs.
2024 May
CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing
Cointacted’s BEP20 token is set to be listed on leading platforms such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, an imminent step that promises expanded exposure and heightened trading potential. This strategic initiative is anticipated to elevate the token’s market visibility, fueling a surge in trading activity for the coin.
2024 Jun
More CEX
Cointacted coin (CTED) is scheduled to be listed on various smaller centralized exchanges, including platforms like P2B and several others. This strategic expansion aims to broaden exposure, fostering greater trading, investment, and earning opportunities for users engaging with the CTED coin.
2024 Sep
Independent Blockchain Network
By the conclusion of 2024, Cointacted plans to introduce and launch its independent blockchain, heralding the inception of the world’s first authentic social blockchain. While currently operational for network connection via your DEX wallet, further development and meticulous preparation are essential to comprehensively establish this pioneering platform from all facets.
2024 Nov
Binance & Bybit Listing
Cointacted coin (CTED) is set to be listed on major centralized exchanges, including renowned platforms like Binance, Bybit, and several others. This strategic move is geared towards propelling the CTED coin to new heights, emphasizing its trajectory towards significant growth and market prominence.
Auto-Moto Platform, a component of the social blockchain ecosystem, caters to auto-moto enthusiasts. The platform, upon launch, will include a car parts marketplace, vehicle sale listings, and comprehensive features tailored for this specialized community.
Tattoo, Body Art & Beauty Platform, an integral part of the social blockchain infrastructure, caters to enthusiasts of ink art, body art, and beauty. Upon launch, the platform will offer a decentralized bookings and payments system for studios and individual artists worldwide, alongside comprehensive features tailored to meet the needs of this community.