Altcoins Are Ready To Steal The Spotlight From Bitcoin, Here’s Why

Recently, altcoin holders have faced significant stress due to market movements over the past five weeks. Major shifts and turning points often involve extreme pain and patience, causing many to give up. But one has to remember that altcoins can gain momentum only when Bitcoin dominance decreases. Ethereum ETF discussions are heating up, with approvals and trading expected in the first week of July.

The Bitcoin dominance chart shared by Derek on X shows the current situation mirroring peaks in 2017 and 2021, signaling the start of an altcoin bull market. At this critical juncture, there’s a major shift between sellers and buyers.

The upcoming Ethereum ETF S-1 is expected to be a game changer, drawing attention from Bitcoin whales. I believe the altcoin market will react in anticipation before the Ethereum ETF S-1 launch in mid-July. There will be volatility during this period, but staying calm and patient is key to navigating it.

Crypto Crusader predicts that July will be a highly bullish month for the crypto market. If the ETF gets approved, altcoin holders should brace for impact. Ethereum is expected to lead the market, reducing Bitcoin’s dominance and boosting ERC20 projects. This could trigger a rapid altseason, and Bitcoin may reach $80,000 to $100,000 or more by the end of the summer.

He wrote, “If we see the ETF approval happen in the first week, altcoin holders you need to buckle up. Ethereum will start to lead the market and steal the show away from Bitcoin.”

Analyst Moustache noted on X that the 3W Gaussian-Channel has turned from red to green, signaling a buy, similar to 2020. With prices holding above the EMA 10, he suggests this could precede one of the biggest altcoin seasons.

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  1. It’s been a tough ride for altcoin holders lately, but this post offers a ray of hope! The potential approval of the Ethereum ETF in July could indeed be a major catalyst for the market. If history is any guide, the decrease in Bitcoin dominance might just pave the way for a robust altcoin season.

    The insights shared about the Bitcoin dominance chart and its similarity to 2017 and 2021 peaks are quite intriguing. It’s a reminder that big gains often follow periods of intense volatility and patience is key. Also, Crypto Crusader’s prediction of a bullish July and the possibility of Bitcoin hitting new highs by the end of summer is exciting.

    Let’s stay calm and watch how the market reacts, especially with the Ethereum ETF news on the horizon. Here’s to hoping for a prosperous altcoin season ahead! 🚀