World Blockchain Summit’s Bangkok Edition

World Blockchain Summit’s Bangkok Edition

Thailand’s​ government is embracing blockchain technology as part of its digital transformation journey and vision for Thailand 4.0. To showcase its progress, the 28th Global edition⁣ of the World⁢ Blockchain ​Summit⁢ is returning to Bangkok on December 13th and 14th, 2023. The summit will bring ⁢together industry experts, ‌innovators, and⁢ web3 enthusiasts to discuss how blockchain is driving innovation in Thailand.

Thailand’s favorable regulatory landscape and investment ecosystem are attracting global blockchain-based startups and established players to contribute to the country’s economy. The government’s push for the adoption ⁣of digital assets⁤ further reinforces the⁤ crucial role that blockchain will play⁣ in the Thailand 4.0 vision.

The ⁣World Blockchain Summit ​in Bangkok will feature keynote discussions, panel discussions, and use-case ⁢presentations on topics such as web3 for enterprises, bear⁤ and⁢ bull market trends, bridging DeFi and CeFi, blockchain interoperability, and digital assets solutions for businesses.

Over 600 web3 decision makers and 100 ⁣investors⁢ will ‌attend the summit, listening ⁤to over 30 speakers and ⁢experts‌ from the blockchain space. The event will⁤ also host the regional ⁣finale of the ‍Startup World Cup, providing startups with the opportunity to⁢ pitch at the global ​finals in San ​Francisco with a⁣ chance to secure a US$1 million funding prize.

Notable speakers at the summit include industry leaders from Ethereal Ventures, EMURGO,⁢ Morningstar Ventures, Vary’s Capital, The‌ Sandbox, YourPRStrategist, and Innes Global.

The World Blockchain Summit is presented by Polluxcoin ‌as a Silver Sponsor⁣ and INNES Worldwide as a Bronze⁣ Sponsor. Other partners and exhibitors include ‍MeAI, Secured Finance,⁤ DWF Labs, RedotPay, Mountain Capital Fund, Access ​Blockchain Association,⁢ and ⁢APAC DAO.

The World Blockchain Summit is organized by Trescon, a global business events and ‌services company that promotes‍ sustainability and ⁤inclusive leadership. Trescon has been hosting the summit series since ⁤2017, creating‌ a platform for networking and⁤ deal flow in the Web3 ecosystem.

To attend the World ​Blockchain Summit in Bangkok, early bird ‌tickets are now‍ available for purchase. For more information and ticket booking, visit ⁣the official website.

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