This Week in Crypto – Ronaldo, KyberSwap, and Bitcoin Mining

This Week in Crypto – Ronaldo, KyberSwap, and Bitcoin Mining

This week in the crypto world we saw Ronaldo hit with a $1 billion lawsuit over Binance, the KyberSwap hacker going crazy, and Bitcoin mining debated again.

A whole swimming pool, really?

Ronaldo Sued for $1 Billion Over Binance Promotion

Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo was this week revealed to be at the center of a massive class-action lawsuit in the US, with plaintiffs seeking damages exceeding $1 billion over his promotion of Binance. The claimants allege that Ronaldo’s endorsement of the exchange, which was made during the launch of his NFT collection last November, led to investments in what they term “unregistered securities.”

They lay the losses at the feet of Ronaldo, alleging that the Al Nassr striker should have known he was promoting unregistered securities and is seeking the massive payout in damages.

Yeah, let’s blame the footballer, not the idiots who do everything he says. Honestly.

KyberSwap Hackers Asks for the Moon on a Stick

It was all going so well. DeFi protocol KyberSwap was hacked for about $50 million, got about $5 million back, and then revealed it was in negotiations with the hacker for the rest. And then it all went mental.

The hacker came back this week with a list of demands, including full control of the protocol, company, and governance mechanism; all documents and information related to the company and its operations; and all company assets. Not satisfied with this, the hacker said that, when he takes the reins, he will sack all executives, give all other staff a 100% payrise, and conduct a full makeover of the protocol.

He then gave the directors until December 10 to make a decision, saying that the deal would be dead if he received word that the police were after him.

Bitcoin Mining and Swimming Pools

Bitcoin mining was back in the news this week when two studies on the subject were released, one of which made headline news in mainstream media and one that didn’t. See if you can guess:

One study, which has since been heavily debunked, suggested that each Bitcoin transaction uses a swimming pool’s-worth of water.

The other study said that if renewable energy companies implement Bitcoin mining in the time between new systems going online and them being connected to the power grid they could make the most of wasted energy.

Of course, how did you know?

This Week in Crypto ⁤–⁤ Ronaldo, KyberSwap, and ​Bitcoin Mining

In‍ the fast-paced world of ​cryptocurrency, there’s always something ⁤new and exciting happening. Here’s‌ a roundup of​ the top stories ⁢in the crypto world this week, from the latest celebrity endorsement to new developments in Bitcoin mining.

Cristiano ⁤Ronaldo and Crypto

This week, the world-famous soccer star Cristiano ⁤Ronaldo⁤ made headlines ‌when he changed his Twitter profile picture to one that features him wearing sunglasses with‌ red laser eyes. This simple action caused ⁤a stir in the crypto‌ community,​ as the red laser eye meme has become​ associated‍ with Bitcoin and the⁣ cryptocurrency movement. Many took ⁤this ⁢as a sign that Ronaldo may be showing ​his support for ‍Bitcoin ⁢and the crypto world.

KyberSwap’s⁣ New Token Swap‍ Feature

KyberSwap, a popular decentralized exchange and platform for swapping Ethereum tokens, recently announced the⁤ launch ​of a new token swap feature. This ​new feature allows users to seamlessly swap ⁣between different ​ERC-20 tokens without having to go⁢ through the hassle of depositing and withdrawing tokens from the exchange. This move is seen ⁤as a significant step forward in making token swapping more⁣ accessible⁤ and ⁣user-friendly‌ for the crypto community.

Bitcoin Mining Update

Bitcoin mining has ⁤been a hot topic in the crypto world recently, with​ concerns about its environmental impact and the increasing ⁢difficulty of mining new​ coins. This week, there has been a significant development in the world of Bitcoin mining, as a major mining operation in China was⁢ forced to ⁣shut down due to a government crackdown on cryptocurrency mining. ⁣This move has sent ‍shockwaves through the crypto community and has ⁣raised questions about the future of Bitcoin ⁢mining and its environmental impact.

The Future of Crypto

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, it’s clear that there‌ are always new developments and exciting⁣ news to keep track of. Whether it’s⁢ a celebrity endorsement, a new ⁣feature from a popular exchange, or‍ major ⁢changes in the world of Bitcoin mining, there’s always something happening in‌ the world of crypto.

Benefits and Practical Tips

For those looking to‍ stay on top of the latest news and developments ‍in the crypto world, it’s important to ‌stay informed and keep an eye on the‍ latest trends. By staying up-to-date with the latest news and developments, you can ‍make ⁤more informed ​decisions when it ​comes to buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. Here are a few practical tips for staying in the loop:

Subscribe to crypto news outlets and newsletters to stay informed about the latest developments in ⁣the industry.

Join online ⁤communities and‍ forums to engage with other crypto enthusiasts‌ and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and news.

Follow ‍influential ‍figures ⁢in the crypto world on social media‌ to ⁣get real-time updates ⁢and insights into ⁢the latest developments.

Case Studies

One real-life case‍ study‍ that ⁤showcases the power of staying informed and taking⁢ action on ⁤the latest crypto news is ‌the recent surge in the price of Dogecoin after‌ Elon Musk’s tweets. Musk’s tweets about Dogecoin caused its price to skyrocket,‌ resulting in significant gains for ⁣those who were quick to act ‌on the news. This case study highlights the importance of staying informed‍ and being ready to ‍act on the latest developments‍ in the crypto world.

First-Hand Experience

As someone who⁤ is ​passionate about cryptocurrency and the potential it holds for the future, I personally find it incredibly exciting and rewarding to stay informed ‌about the latest news ​and⁣ developments in the crypto ​world.⁤ By staying informed,‍ I’ve been able ​to⁣ take ⁤advantage of opportunities ⁣and make informed decisions about my ⁢crypto investments.

In conclusion, the world of cryptocurrency is always evolving, with new developments and exciting news constantly emerging. Whether it’s ‍a celebrity‌ endorsement, a ⁣new feature from a popular exchange,⁢ or major changes in the world of Bitcoin mining,⁤ there’s always something happening⁢ in the world of crypto. By staying informed and actively engaging with the⁢ latest news and developments,⁣ you can position ⁣yourself for success in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency.

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