#1 Real Social Blockchain
An Ecosystem designed for the People,
created for the Planet, built for the Universe.
Social Network For People
New Era
1st Crypto Social Network of its kind & main Platform of the next-gen Blockchain infrastructure.
Next-Gen Communication
AI Fueled
App that syncs across the entire ecosystem, using a unified account throughout the infrastructure.
WEB3 Apps Infra
For PeoplePlanetUniverse

Join. Earn. Grow

The Social Blockchain Revolution

CTED originates as a BEP20 Token, transitioning actively to a self-sustaining next-gen Social Blockchain.

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Discover & explore the action, stay updated on our vibrant community’s latest interactions & engagements.

Main Part of
The InfraThe EcosystemThe Future
Rewarding Social Network AppMembers are incentivized through the native currency “CCENT” for their engagement on the platform. These CCENT tokens can be utilized within the marketplace or withdrawn for external use, adding value to user participation and fostering a vibrant ecosystem.

1,200 current users

Real Blockchain Community

People Of The Universe
Chat & Calls
Private & group chats, Voice & video calls, Multimedia sharing, Voice messages, Reactions, stickers, GIFs, polls, Pin, save & translate, Message shortcuts, Voice transcription, Call recording.
AI & Notifications
Conversation Summaries, AI Conversation Starter, Smart Replies, Push, SMS & email, Email replies.
Moderation & Data
XSS filters, User blocking, Profanity filters, Report messages & users, Virus & malware scanning, Cross-platform sync, Any device support, Global CDN.
Security & Compliance
Encryption in transit & at rest, End-to-end encryption, ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA with BAA.

Create. Sell. Buy

Creative Social Marketplace

Sell products & services or sync your Printful catalog to unleash your creativity.

Your Blockchain
Bio LinksBusiness CardDigital Passport
Power of Bio Links

Easily connect all your essential online platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, websites, wallets, stores, videos, music, podcasts, events, and anything else. Seamlessly integrate them into your personalized link in bio landing page on Cointact.me, optimized for maximum engagement and conversion.

How To Start?

3 Steps To The Moon
Register on any platform of the ecosystem​, confirm your account & complete your profile
Get your account auto synced on the entire infrastructure, start growing to earn & invite friends
Onboard the rocket, grow unlimited, earn coins & spend them or withdraw to your wallet
Membership Ranks
For AccessEarningGrowing

* All access is free until Cointacted (CTED) coin is listed.

Newcomer, diving into Cointacted, exploring connections & features.
Free Forever
Chat & Video Calls
Send Friend Requests
Join Groups
Use AI Chat
More awesome features
Seasoned user, customizing profile, expanding network & engaging deeply.
Per Month
Billed yearly
Post Text in Activity
Create Groups
Create Events
Use Bio Links
More awesome features
Influential leader, creating content, guiding groups, shaping the community.
Per Month
Billed yearly
Post Photos in Activity
Create AI Images
Create Business Pages
Sell Courses
More awesome features
Power user, commanding attention, monetizing presence & maximizing impact.
Per Month
Billed yearly
Post Videos in Activity
Post in Newspaper
Withdraw CCENT
Sell Products
More awesome features
Watch The
Our Infrastructure
European Union
CGS Team

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