Track the Popularity of NFT Profile Pictures on Twitter with NFT Inspect’s Chrome Extension”

NFT Inspect just released a powerful new tool for NFT collectors


  • NFT Inspect returned to Web3 after a short hiatus
  • Its new Chrome extension gives data on the popularity of NFT projects on Twitter
  • Users can use the tool to make better-informed buying decisions
NFT Inspect just unveiled a powerful new analytics tool
NFT Inspect just released a powerful new analytics tool
Image Credit: NFT Inspect

What is this new tool?

The Twitter NFT Search tool is available as a Chrome extension or through a beta-version web app. It utilizes artificial intelligence to track NFT-related content on Twitter. From there, it can show how popular specific NFT projects are as PFPs.

This insight can give NFT traders valuable information. Through using the tool, users can see how different much traction any given NFT collection has at any time. Furthermore, users can also see how likely an NFT holder is to PFP a collection over another collection they may hold.

For example, let’s say you want to chart how popular CryptoPunks are versus Bored Ape Yacht Club. You can use the tool to search publicly available wallet information to see the PFP-usage of wallets who own NFTs from both collections. Do people who hold both Punks and Apes tend to use Punks as PFPs?  If so, what does this mean?

NFT Inspect hopes this kind of information will prove valuable over time.

What is NFT Inspect?

It is a data analytics platform for Web3. It calls itself the “go-to destination for Web3 social intelligence”. To that end, it tracks how different projects and influencers are gaining and losing popularity over time.

NFT Inspect was a viral hit in the NFT bull run
Want to know how powerful your NFT community is?

Its newest tool, the Twitter NFT Search Tool, currently supports Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. As time goes, NFT Inspect plans to continue to built in additional functionality to provide the best possible customer experience possible.

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