The Staff at Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini are Some of the Least Happy

The cryptocurrency exchange giant, Binance, claims that its ‘hardcore’ values might be responsible for some of the results it gets.  But recruiters think the data may not be all it seems to be.

A recent Glassdoor report has revealed that Binance and Coinbase, two of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, have the least happy staff. Meanwhile, Celsius, Gemini, and the Amber Group have the least happy staff.

Top Crypto Firms Have The Least Happy Staffs

According to data obtained from Glassdoor, the employees of notable cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, Gemini, and Coinbase, are among the least happy workers in the industry.

A Tech recruitment company, TrueUp, supposedly collated data from a job review firm, Glassdoor, and created a chart concerning employee happiness and growth. The study arranged 27 of the most renowned cryptocurrency companies in TrueUp’s quadrant chart.

The chart expressed the infographics of the happiest and least happy employees and the fastest and slowest-growing crypto companies.

From the chart, defunct crypto lending platform Celsius, centralized cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, and cryptocurrency trading company the Amber Group had the least happy workers and had slow growths.

The data showed these companies had 80, 139, and 42 reviews, respectively. However, centralized crypto exchanges (CEXes) like Coinbase and Binance were among the fast-growing companies with unhappy employees, totaling 1,257 reviews.

While Glassdoor doesn’t have a happiness metric, it records whether the participant would recommend the firm to a friend, whether they had an optimistic outlook, and whether they approved of the Chief Executive Officer they worked under.

Meanwhile, speaking to Cointelegraph, a Binance representative highlighted that the company seeks to employ new candidates who can excel in an extremely high-performance and dynamic environment.

Furthermore, the spokesperson added that the candidates must be extremely focused on delivering value to the company’s end customers.

The spokesperson explained that not every worker is designed to be ‘hardcore’ by nature, even though that’s one of the company’s primary values.

As such, It also means that sometimes, we have some who are not able to thrive in this unique, brutally fast environment, and we have to accept some negative reviews as a result.

Is Glassdoor Data About the Situation Accurate?

Users submit glassdoor reviews as self-reported information. In 2017, recruiters were also concerned regarding the authenticity of Glassdoor data. The 2017 report claimed that Glassdoor reviews can be easily manipulated or can be faked.

But, Glassdoor responded, stating that every single review that is posted on its platform undergoes a thorough ‘moderation procedure’ before it’s permitted for publication in the company’s office.

Crypto Recruit founder Neil Dundon informed Cointelegraph that while Glassdoor data is speculative, staff developing infrastructure are happier than those working at crypto exchanges.

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