Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian: ‘Play-to-Earn’ Gaming is the Future

Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder, and NFT supporter, remains positive about the future of “play-to-earn” gaming. He believes in its potential, despite the recent decline of Axie Infinity, a leading play-to-earn game. Ohanian sees this gaming model as transformative, offering new ways for people to earn and interact with digital assets.


  • Alexis Ohanian reaffirms belief in the future of “play-to-earn” gaming, despite Axie Infinity’s recent decline.
  • Ohanian, founder of Seven Seven Six, defends his view on Twitter, predicting increased demand for fair value in gaming within five years.
  • Axie Infinity has achieved significant success, with over $4 billion in NFT trading volume.

Alexis Ohanian Defends Play-to-Earn Gaming: A Key to the Future Despite Axie Infinity’s Decline

Despite the recent decline of Axie Infinity, a leading play-to-earn game, Alexis Ohanian, has reaffirmed his belief that “play-to-earn” gaming holds the key to the future. Ohanian, founder and General Partner of venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, showed his support on Twitter. Here, he defended his belief that within the next five years, gamers will further seek fair value for the time they invest in playing. He emphasized the growing demand for meaningful rewards and incentives in gaming, such as play-to-earn. Additionally, he highlighted the potential for a shift towards more rewarding experiences in the industry.

Furthermore, Ohanian maintains a strong conviction in the future of play-to-earn gaming. However, there is emphasis placed by certain industry executives and developers on prioritizing fun and gameplay. But, Ohanian remains resolute in his view that play-to-earn gaming will ultimately triumph.

To support his stance, Ohanian highlights the noteworthy sales of virtual assets. These include Club Neverdie from Entropia Universe and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins, which generated six-figure revenues. He sees these examples as indications that the play-to-earn model will become more widely adopted by games in the near future.

Axie Infinity's $4 Billion Success: A Testament to the Play-to-Earn Revolution
Axie Infinity’s $4 Billion Success: A Testament to the Play-to-Earn Revolution

From Gaming Skills to Financial Gain

In play-to-earn games, players are actively rewarded with valuable crypto or NFTs. Significantly, they earn these rewards for their in-game accomplishments, wins, or dedicated time. Moreover, these rewards carry actual worth. This is because gaming crypto tokens can function as a reliable store of value. Markedly, this empowers players to amass virtual assets and resources that have real-world significance.

What makes play-to-earn even more exciting is the freedom players have to trade, sell, or use these assets across various games. This means that players can effectively monetize their gaming skills and investments. Thus, transforming their passion into real financial opportunities and gain.

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