Ethereum’s Decentralized Staking Revolution: Launches Mainnet

Decentralized Ethereum (ETH) staking infrastructure,, has announced the upcoming rollout of its mainnet in early Q2 2023. This groundbreaking network aims to revolutionize ETH staking and shape the future of distributed validation on Ethereum.

Empowering Ethereum: The Vision of

In a recent blog post on Medium titled “Unveiling the Mainnet: Shaping the Future of Distributed ETH Staking,” the team at expressed their excitement about the launch. They highlighted the journey from humble beginnings to achieving significant milestones during the testnet phase.

Throughout this process, the team focused on addressing critical challenges such as fault tolerance, security, zero-coordination, and diversity.

The Mainnet Rollout Plan consists of four phases, each with specific goals and provisions. The team aims to synchronize various components and gradually expand participation before the full permissionless launch by Q4 2023. However, they emphasize that the timelines for these phases are subject to change.

The first phase, called Pre-Launch, focuses on configuring mainnet parameters and ensuring the network’s stability. During this stage, only the core team assumes the risk of staking ETH to protect users from potential losses.

The Limited Launch, which follows the Pre-Launch, aims to introduce a complete set of verified operators. These operators have undergone rigorous testing to ensure high performance for validators. The objective is to ensure active participation from verified operators.

The Launch phase is where builders utilizing the infrastructure, known as Mainnet Partners, come into play.

These partners, including grant recipients and staking projects, will introduce publicly staked Ethereum and facilitate broader participation. Whitelisted non-verified operators will also be onboarded during this phase.

The final stage, Permissionless Launch, represents the true spirit of This phase will enable the registration of permissionless operators and validators, allowing everyone to build or stake on the network using the open protocol.

Launching a decentralized validation network like comes with its complexities. Similar to constructing a highrise building, each phase builds upon the completion of the previous one.

The team emphasizes the importance of aligning all the moving parts within the network for a successful launch and continued growth.

The ecosystem is made up of various key actors, including the SSV DAO, the core team, builders, verified operators, operators, community members, ambassadors, auditors, and internal testers.

These individuals and organizations contribute their expertise, support, and feedback to ensure the success of the network.

As the countdown to the mainnet launch begins, invites users to join them in shaping the future of distributed ETH staking. With each stage of the rollout, the network moves closer to achieving a robust and decentralized infrastructure.

The team expresses their gratitude to everyone who has been part of this two-year journey and emphasizes that they are just getting started.

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