Amazon Prime Gaming Partners with NFT Game Mojo Melee!

Amazon Prime Gaming has expanded its offerings with a new partnership with the NFT game Mojo Melee! Read on to find out more about the Amazon Prime and Mojo Melee partnership.

Mojo Melee, accessible through web browsers like Google Chrome and an Android application, has gained attention for its user-friendly approach to the complex auto battler genre. The game’s official debut comes with its “Season One” content package. This is currently available on the Amazon Prime Gaming portal. Furthermore, Prime subscribers can expect a special package, including a free digital collectible (aka NFT) of the game’s champion character, Gwyn Rockhopper! Plus, when they create a new player account for Mojo Melee they will  receive 885 Ore, the non-crypto in-game currency. Therefore, players can immediately obtain the champion character as a digital collectible!

The collaboration between Amazon Prime and Mojo Melee opens up exciting opportunities for both parties. For Prime subscribers, it gives them a taste of the game while adding a competitive edge for those who aren’t already members. Amazon Prime Gaming has previously ventured into the digital collectibles space by partnering with Mythical Games for the play-and-create game, Blankos Block Party. These promotions, including complimentary avatars and accessories, remain available to subscribers.

The Future for Amazon and NFTs

There have been rumors of Amazon’s plans to enter the broader digital collectibles marketplace. In fact, earlier this year there was some speculation about Amazon unveiling a comprehensive NFT platform. However, concrete details on these plans have yet to emerge.

Still, the Amazon Prime and Mojo Melee partnership showcases a thoughtful integration of blockchain-based gaming with mainstream e-commerce. Moreover, it sets a precedent for a future where digital ownership and online shopping converge. The collaboration also signifies a step towards broader adoption and understanding of NFTs and blockchain technology. With this innovative approach, Amazon Prime continues to push the boundaries of gaming and digital collectibles.

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