Solana’s BONK Climbs To 3rd Place In Dog Coin Market Cap, Leaving FLOKI Behind

Solana’s BONK Climbs To 3rd Place In Dog Coin Market Cap, Leaving FLOKI Behind

In recent weeks, the Solana (SOL) blockchain has been making waves in the crypto world, with its native token SOL experiencing a remarkable uptrend of 46% over the past 30 days. Alongside this surge, Bonk Inu (BONK), the first Solana-based meme coin, has gained significant traction, solidifying its position as the third-largest dog coin by market capitalization, surpassing Floki Inu (FLOKI).

BONK Rockets To New Heights With 845% Surge In 30 Days

The staggering growth of Bonk Inu is evident in its recent performance, achieving an impressive 845% gain over the past 30 days. The meme coin’s remarkable ascent has propelled it to new yearly highs, while SOL experienced a slight pullback from its peak of $65 on December 2.

Despite the temporary setback for SOL, the bullish momentum and renewed interest in Bonk Inu have caught the attention of market participants.

As of now, BONK is trading at $0.0000069712, outperforming the broader crypto market with a remarkable 22.4% uptrend in the past 24 hours, aligning with the positive sentiment surrounding Bitcoin (BTC) and the overall market.

The 1-day chart shows BONK’s bull run. Source: BONKUSDT on

With a market capitalization of approximately $430 million, Bonk Inu currently sits in third place among dog coins, trailing behind the likes of Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE), which boast market caps of $5 billion and $12 billion, respectively.

CoinGecko data reveals that BONK has witnessed a significant 24-hour trading volume of $65,235,205.16, indicating strong investor interest and active participation in the market.

Bonk Inu surpassed Floki Inu in terms of market cap. Source: Degen News on X.

The future trajectory of Bonk Inu’s uptrend and its potential for further gains remains uncertain. However, should BONK continue to attract investors, it has the potential to dethrone Pepecoin (PEPE) in terms of market capitalization. As of the latest update, PEPE has achieved a market cap of $592 million.

However, it is important to note that Bonk Inu still has a significant gap to bridge to catch up with the largest dog coins in the market in terms of market capitalization, namely SHIB and DOGE. SHIB and DOGE have demonstrated substantial gains and already possess staggering market capitalizations.

Dog Coins Make Strong Push For Year-End Gains

The altcoin SHIB, built on the Ethereum platform and known for its Shiba Inu mascot, continues to demonstrate consistent gains across various time frames.

Notably, SHIB has seen a 14% increase over the past fourteen days and an 18% surge over the past thirty days. These positive trends have allowed the dog coin to achieve a slight year-to-date profit of 0.2% after experiencing a significant downturn in 2022.

Presently, SHIB is trading at $0.00000946, representing a decline of more than 89% from its all-time high (ATH) of $0.00008616, reached in October 2021.

Meanwhile, the meme coin DOGE, which has the backing of Elon Musk, is currently trading at $0.09058. It has witnessed an 18% rise over the past fourteen days and nearly 30% growth over the past thirty days, following a sustained upward trend that began on November 21.

DOGE’s uptrend over the past 30 days on the 1-D chart. Source: DOGEUSDT on

However, in contrast to SHIB’s price action, DOGE has experienced a 12% decline year-to-date and an 87% drop from its ATH of $0.731578 reached in May 2021.

It remains to be seen whether the dog coins will continue to experience further gains throughout the remainder of the year or if a healthy pullback will occur to surpass upper resistance levels for another upward movement.

The world of cryptocurrencies has​ seen ‍a surge in popularity for⁣ dog coins, ‌a category of ⁣digital⁤ tokens inspired ‍by the famous Dogecoin. In recent‌ months, Solana’s ⁢BONK has emerged ⁤as a top ‍player in this ⁢space, climbing⁣ to the 3rd ​place in ​dog coin market cap and leaving behind ⁣other popular dog‌ coins like FLOKI.

The Rise of BONK

BONK​ saw a⁢ significant surge in its market ⁣cap, surpassing many other dog coins and solidifying its position as a strong contender ​in the world of cryptocurrencies. ​Its​ rise can be attributed to several⁤ factors,‌ including:

  • Strong Community Support: ​ BONK has garnered a dedicated community of supporters who ​have actively promoted and invested in the coin, contributing to its​ rapid growth.
  • Technological Advancements: ⁣The underlying technology behind BONK has been praised for its efficiency and scalability, attracting more investors and users⁤ to the platform.
  • Market Momentum: The overall bullish trend in the cryptocurrency market has ‌also played⁤ a role in BONK’s⁢ rise, as more investors flock‍ to dog​ coins in search of high returns.


As BONK ⁢climbs the ranks⁢ in⁤ the dog coin market, it has surpassed FLOKI, another popular dog-themed⁤ cryptocurrency. While​ both coins ⁢share similar ⁤themes and target ​audiences,⁤ there are distinct differences between the two that have contributed to BONK’s‌ recent success:

Market Cap 3rd place 4th place
Community Engagement Active and growing Strong, ⁢but‍ facing competition
Price Performance Consistent growth Volatility ⁢in recent⁤ months

These factors highlight BONK’s current edge over FLOKI, showcasing its growing‍ dominance in the dog coin market.

What Sets BONK Apart

BONK’s success can also be attributed to its‍ unique features and attributes that ⁢set it apart from‌ other dog ⁣coins:

  • Utility: ⁢ BONK offers practical use cases and applications within the Solana ecosystem, making it more than just a speculative investment.
  • Security and Scalability: The⁤ underlying technology of BONK is ⁤lauded for its robust security measures and ability to handle a⁤ large volume of transactions, appealing to a ​wide range of users.
  • Transparency and Governance: The BONK platform is known ‌for its transparent governance model, ‌fostering trust​ and‍ confidence among ​its community⁣ members.

The ​Future⁣ of BONK

As BONK continues to⁢ gain momentum in ​the dog ⁤coin market, ⁢its future ⁤outlook remains optimistic. With ⁤a strong foundation,⁢ growing⁤ community, and technological advancements, BONK is positioned to further ‌solidify its position as a⁣ leading player ⁢in⁢ the world of cryptocurrencies.


The rise of Solana’s BONK to the 3rd place in the dog coin market cap, ‍leaving FLOKI behind, is a testament ⁢to the ever-evolving landscape⁢ of cryptocurrencies. Its growth and ​success reflect the potential for ‍innovative digital⁢ tokens to make⁣ a significant impact in the​ market, offering unique opportunities for investors ⁣and users alike.

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