First & last real chance to get CTED coins for seed price

Ok boys and girls – a little 5-10k$ max seed sale is needed, funds are needed for further development & optimizations, partnerships, marketing & everything else you can imagine… – this is where you can buy CTED coins to have guaranteed 15x vs listing price. Very limited spots, as soon as I get the money I need, I will stop it without any prior warnings. Nobody knows how long it will take, could happen within a day, so better go secure your CTED coins for seed price and then go celebrate Christmas with your family in peace.

What I am going to do next is continue development & optimizations, but most importantly I will start talking to VCs. I have a list of global VCs, 3000 of them with all contact details and I haven’t touched that list yet. They will definitely do their stuff with me.

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  1. How do we access the AI chat? It’s not working. I also have been looking to pay for the yearly subscription. Which is different levels so I can access all features but unable to find. Could someone please assist?