Binance Coin Achieve $400 Mark!

The Binance coin recorded a⁤ neutral trend for a brief period, indicating a rise in the disinterest ⁤of investors in this altcoin. However, the BNB token has regained‌ momentum and has recorded a notable run ⁣over the past few days.

The Binance coin price recorded a jump of approximately ⁢5% within the past​ day but has added over‍ 31%‍ to its portfolio this month,⁤ highlighting a positive outlook ⁢for the token in the coming time.‌ Further, the token has ‌successfully achieved its $400 mark,‌ indicating a bullpower in the market.

The BNB coin price traded in a closed ⁣range between $297.5 and $308 for over a week, following which the bulls gained momentum and recorded a jump of ​10.18% over the next two‍ days.

After this, the Binance token displayed a⁢ neutral⁢ trend for a brief period, indicating a weak price action ⁣for the coin in⁢ the market. As ⁤the market volatility grew, ⁤the BNB token regained momentum and jumped approximately 14% in valuation.

BNB Coin‌ Price Analysis

Following this, the price traded in a closed ⁤range‌ between $348.5 and $364.5 for the‍ next⁣ six days.⁢ After multiple attempts, the ‍bulls jumped 8.78% before facing rejection at ​$393.9.

The Binance coin price⁢ traded sideways for‌ a while,⁤ following which the bulls⁣ recently‌ jumped 5%, resulting in it achieving its $400 ‌mark after over two​ years.

Will BNB Price Go Up?

The Relative Strength Index ⁤(RSI) continues ⁤to hover above ‍the overbought range, indicating a strong bullish​ influence in the crypto ​space. Further, the averages show a‍ constant rise, suggesting the price will continue gaining value in the coming time.

If ⁣the market pushes the ⁢price above the resistance level of $401, the bulls will regain power and prepare to test ‍its upper resistance level of $420 this week. Maintaining⁢ the price at that level ⁤will set the stage for the BNB coin to attempt to test its ‍upper limit of $435 in the upcoming weeks.

Conversely, ⁤if the bears overpowered the ‌bulls, the BNB coin ⁤price would lose momentum ​and fall⁣ to test its support level of $384. Moreover, if the bears continue to hold power over the bulls,⁢ it will plunge and prepare to test its lower support level of $364.5 in the coming⁢ time.